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Strategic Engagement

Shaping future capability

Organisations have begun to ask Structia to help them develop their strategic direction and identify innovative ways to achieve their objectives. Our role has been to provide analytical and design depth to support strategy-setting.  As outsiders to the organisation, we provide new and dispassionate perspectives that are greatly valued.

Our approach includes developing a number of potential strategic scenarios, gradually refining promising candidates and removing those that appear less achievable. We gather supporting data to help quantify costs, timescales and risks. We act as a critical friend, challenging assumptions and assertions to ensure they are sustainable.

Structia supports mergers and acquisitions by very quickly assessing the technical and operational capabilities of a target company, leading to more accurate valuations and reductions in risk.

We also turn round challenging IT projects and programmes, quickly identifying and addressing critical weaknesses and creating revised delivery schedules to bring progress back on track.