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Project Management

Creating a productive environment for IT development and delivery

IT projects can be highly challenging and often create a lot of organisational stress through late delivery, exceeded budgets and unfulfilled expectations.

We are highly experienced in modern techniques to reduce organisational stress - agile methods, test-driven development, continuous delivery, dev-ops teams, etc.

In our experience, the key to successful IT projects is good communication throughout the lifecycle. There are many other factors, of course, such as properly curating requirements, developing a pulse of regular deliveries and maintaining effective testing - but these all benefit immensely from better communication.

We are very capable at managing the complete lifecycle of an IT software development project - especially where new methods need to be introduced, and we also have invaluable experience of taking over projects at short notice because a regular project manager has left the company or because a challenging project needs to be turned around.

A dev-ops system developed by Structia for an international client, 2014-5