Contacting Structia

We undertake a very wide range of engagements, but they all tend to start the same way.

Firstly, write, email or phone to arrange an initial telephone briefing.  During that call you will tell me a little about the situation you are facing (nothing confidential) and I will describe how we could help you. There is, of course, no obligation to proceed and no cost to you.

If we both agree to go further, the next step is usually a face-to-face meeting with the sponsor of the engagement - again with no obligation and usually at no charge.  This rarely involves confidential information, but a non-disclosure agreement can be signed beforehand if necessary.

The third step is for us to prepare an engagement contract or statement of work that summarises what we are required to achieve, how we will achieve it and how progress will be measured.

Once the paperwork is signed, the engagement can begin: its form and duration will depend on the circumstances.

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