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Business Architecture

Designing the corporate environment

Business architecture has only recently been recognised as an important activity in its own right, as opposed to something done among many other things by enterprise or solution architects.  

Business architecture brings together organisational structures, processes, systems, services and data to create effective organisations. It requires very strong analytical, design and communication skills.

Structia has pioneered the agile use of capability models to provide a framework for designing business architectures.  We have stripped away the hype and complexity of proprietary techniques to create a tightly-focused, lean engagement that delivers business benefits more assuredly and quickly.

We create business architecture models to gain insights to, and identify potential solutions for, complex problem areas.  Importantly, we provide “narrative-free” analysis - our models represent situations as clearly, concisely, cleanly and insightfully as possible and let you draw conclusions and make decisions.

Unlike some other organisations, we never carry out business architecture modelling for its own sake - we only undertake modelling as part of a change programme or problem-solving exercise where the models have immediate value.

The Structia engagement template for business architecture design