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Structia reflects my experience gathered over half a lifetime of managing complex change within organisations. Change can be volatile, fast-moving and unpredictable, but I have always thrived in such circumstances - sharply focusing on the essentials and motivating everyone around me to deliver their best. And the more times I have been given such challenges, the better I have got at meeting them.

My philosophy centres on always creating real business value.  My shortest engagement was 3 hours to identify a crucial bottleneck and remove it.  My most effective was to save a software project reputed to have cost over £24m from being abandoned in a flurry of law suites.  My most satisfying engagement was when I took over a problematical insurance platform and my client’s Board assumed the system must have been turned off because it no longer featured in their weekly “red flag issues” reports - actually, it was simply being properly managed.

Structia is fundamentally about creating better systems and processes, but we never forget that they exist only to support the most important success factor of any enterprise: people.

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Michael J Lloyd

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